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We suggest that you brings your pet in at least once a year for a physical examination to make sure it is healthy from the inside out. Animals cannot tell us when they need to see the veterinarian so it's a good idea for owners to take the time to bring their pets to the clinic to ensure overall health.

During the physical examinations the veterinarians will check that your pet is up to date with vaccinations, deworming, and will make sure the teeth and ears are clean as well. These are basic health checks to be sure that your pets will feel comfortable and will live a long and healthy life. Sometimes blood work or x-rays must be done to determine the internal health of your pet. The veterinarians will discuss these options with you during the initial physical examination.

At Killarney Animal Hospital we believe that customized and comprehensive care for wellness of your pets is the major contributor for its healthy and happy living. Our professional vets are friendly with your pets, understand them and recommend a medical wellness program after properly diagnosing. Their diagnosis includes regular check ups from nose to tails, physically. If we find any abnormality or sign of illness in your friend, we are readily equipped with pet x-ray facilities that are based on digital technology and can give the results in only a few minutes. Our well equipped vet radiology lab has upgraded recently and has all the sophisticated equipments to find details about your pet’s problems.

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